Jillian Janson

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Jillian Janson (born May 23, 1995 in Minnesota, USA), also known as Jillian Brookes, is an American porn actress. Jillian was born and raised in Minnesota. She and her mother moved quite often and usually lived in small towns in the Minneapolis metropolitan area in a small RV. She is of Irish, Norwegian, Scottish, Swedish and Welsh descent. When she was 15, she spent a year with her father in Indiana. She didn't quite fit in there, despite having good grades, and moved back to Minnesota. Jillian lost her innocence when she was thirteen years old. She had many sexual partners, which sometimes got her into trouble because she also slept with men who had a girlfriend. In 9th grade she didn't have that many girlfriends because most of them didn't like her. In any case, she didn't like them either because, in her opinion, they were drama queens. When Jillian was fourteen she got her first job; She worked as a cashier at a McDonald's to support herself and her mother, who was not working at the time. She kept that job for a few months and then started working in a retail store. At sixteen she was a beauty consultant at Walgreens. Jillian also telemarketed magazines for a year when she was seventeen. At eighteen she was a waitress and hostess at Marie Callender, another restaurant chain.

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