My Family Pies – Alana Cruise & Jillian Janson – Gold Diggers

My Family Pies presenting: This bright young science student is not only first in her class but she also has a killer figure, with lovely breasts, a tiny waist, and long toned legs. Her boyfriend could hardly wait to fuck her. She started off by stroking him until his dick was very hard. She really loved the touch of his hands on her soft pale skin. Soon he was going down on her and before long she was gushing cum on the expensive bed covers He then entered her and fucked her until he had to finally let go and shoot his load of hot jizz deep inside of her.
This hip young yoga teacher lies to take things slow. Alana Cruise & Jillian Janson started things off by giving her man a sensual massage with cherry massage oil on My Family Pies. She worked all of his muscles and he moaned and gasped as she got to his dick and started tugging on it and licking it to make it hard He began by going down on her and then he worked his cock into her tight vadge, twisting and poking it in and out, making sure that he was hitting her G-Spot with every thrust. He gripped her tits and fucked her from behind and then laid her on her side and pumped her from behind before shooting his love up her love canal on My Family Pies with Jillian Janson

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My Family Pies

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