Sydney Cole Biography (nude pics and video inside!)

Sydney Cole is a petite young dark ash blonde beauty from San Francisco, who has already started in over 70 porn films. This means that she has been in over 60 film scenes even though she is only twenty years old. Men everywhere are in love with her beautifully shaped boobs, firm rump and long legs. She is especially known for her bigger, tawny colored nipples, slender waist and forest green eyes. Those intense, almost feline eyes seem to glow in an intense way as her whole body is set afire from desire from the cunnilingus she so enjoys getting from anyone of any sexual persuasion, but especially from older men.

At only 5’2 at 504 pounds she is an official “petite” who absolutely loves to do it doggy style, while still wearing her tight size 7 party dresses. Many of the videos she does show off the fact that she does not often wear underwear beneath her tight dresses so she can simply hike up her dress to get fucked. One of her favorite things
to do is to have some kinky sex outdoors, but she is not a true exhibitionist like she is on camera, preferring that nobody be around to see her fucking if she is doing it in a park with her lover during the day.

It is hard to believe but this lovely young blonde does not always feel sexy and admits to having days when fucking is less on her mind. This honesty is refreshing in an industry that kind of demands that women always be in the mood for sex but she must be feel good about herself and her date before she feels any stirrings of desire. However, whether she is in the mood or not, she likes to feel wet inside all of the time. This is so that she is always ready to do it with her fuck buddy, when she feels like it.

Sydney wears a size 32 bra, and claims to have very sensitive nipples, because they were once pierced. As a result she does not like having her nipples pulled at or sucked on too roughly. Getting rid of the piercing was part of making her appear sweeter and more nubile to her many older male fans. However, she still keeps a rhinestone piercing in her belly button, telling us that she did the piercing herself when she was in eighth grade. Getting this done was a deliberate act of rebellion against her parents, who told her that they would forbid her to acquire any body modifications. However, being a free spirit and a bit of a naughty girl, she made sure she wasn’t caught by them as she snuck out of the house at night to meet her friends. Although she once did have sex with a girlfriend after they both picked up a dude after a night out drinking, she has never had a true lesbian affair and is not sure about how attracted she is to woman. However, she did make it clear that she thoroughly enjoys sucking dick and prefers that men cum on her instead of inside of her because it is a little less messy than cleaning up her vadge after sex. She also giggled when she told us of her one big fear about men shooting her cum all over her
body and face and that was the possibility that a guy might one day accidentally shoot his load into her eye.

Considering that she has only been in the adult business for about a year, it is astonishing how many porn flicks she has done so far including many that feature her masturbating as well as hundreds of boy/girl scenes. However, during an interview, she tells us, that her fantasy is to do it with two men at the same time, something that she has not experienced either on camera or off so far in her career. This is mostly because attempts to butt-fuck so far with a boyfriend have caused her ass to bleed. Still, she says that this has not stopped her from enjoying her favorite sexual fantasy, which is that of having her butt and vadge fucked by two different men, because she thinks she would enjoy the erotic sensation of being “stuffed with cock.”

Sydney is known for is her beautiful feet, and she has done a number of very popular porn videos that feature men sucking on her toes. She is also into other kinky stuff, such as mild submission and dry humping, usually with men who are much older than her. She is widely loved amongst oral fetishists for her ability to swallow, but like many girls her age, she does not quite feel that she is ready to try out anal sex just yet as her tiny ass is so tight that she cannot even accommodate a butt plug. “Maybe,” she said jokingly, “anal sex would work with someone who has a very tiny penis.”

She has never been in love, but if you want to be a contender you have to be tall, funny and a very nice guy. In her personal life she only sleeps with men who are about five years older and tells us that sleeping with all of the much older men in her professional sphere has for her, been a real learning experience. She also like a big dick, but not too big, because then “you can’t fuck it back.” However unlike many petite girls, she quite enjoys a larger prick and feels she can take it, even though she has a very tiny cunt.

The one sexual activity that Sydney thought she would not be into, but really loved once she experienced it on camera the first time was bondage. She loves the formality and teasing involved and found it more of a turn-on than someone kissing her and feeling her up all over. She finds it much easier to deal with someone who is slapping her butt rather than giving her sloppy kisses.

Sydney masturbating herself has been the topic of so many videos online, that when asked if she diddles herself at home, she just shrugs her shoulders and says, “I don’t need to!” That is ironic considering the thousands of men that are likely masturbating to sight of her jerking off every day. For now, she is single, even though she does have a regular fuck buddy, so there is still a chance that some lucky dude out there will be the one who gets to take away her anal virginity! Don’t think it couldn’t be you because Sydney claims that some of the non porn-star lovers in her personal life have been better lovers than those professionals that star with her in her adult videos.