Nubile Films – Kitty Jane and Lorena Any Way You Like

Kitty Jane is one of those incredibly tall, gorgeous and lusty young porn stars from the Czech Republic standing at a towering six feet feet tall and 136 pounds. Her tits are an all-natural C Cup and she has fierce brown eyes and long gleaming brown hair. Although she is quite statuesque for a nubile style of porn star, boasting C cup
boobs with large nipples, she is quite submissive in bed, preferring long evenings spent fondling, cuddling and enjoying oral sex. This is true whether or not her lover is a man or a woman. In the case of either gender, she really enjoys making men cum with her tongue. When asked what her favorite things about sex is, she will tell you
that it is the taste of a woman’s cum as it is flowing out of her cooch. Kitty Jane has starred in scores of porn videos featuring perversions of all kinds including narratives devoted to her masturbating herself with a huge dildo, riding other women while wearing a strap on dildo and masturbating in front of a camera.

She has also done quite a bit of fetish work and experimented with body oils, light bondage, watersports and toe-sucking. However her specialty in porn is starring in straight and to-the-point hardcore boy on girl scenes that are often quite passionate and sometimes a bit rough. She is most well known for a famous video where she let several well-hung, good- looking men gang bang her inside of a parked car in public. This led also to a slew of
very popular and sexy pics of this wild babe posing on a car hood. Although she has never worked as a stripper, she also enjoys dressing up in skimpy stripper gear and posing for the camera.

Kitty Jane is very shy and doesn’t like to talk about her past or her career, or even how she came to be in America, but it is known that she was born a farm girl in the rolling hills of Eastern Europe. Perhaps the wildest thing about her in real life are the two piercings in her tongue and right nostril. However the 28-year old Libra will often go out late at night in hope of finding some boys who will like her. When she made the famous male gang bang inside a car video that is exactly what she found and it was the video that made her one of the most sought after porn stars on the Internet.

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