Maddy O’Reilly Biography (nude pics and free porn movie inside!!)

Maddy O’Reilly, every porn director’s vision of a the sweet girl-next-door type, who ultra nasty in bed (doing things in her early films that have shocked even the most veteran of porn directors), has quickly bloomed to being one of the most popular stars in the adult entertainment industry, starring in such films as The Wizard of Oz XXX and in Daddy Girls. This sweet bisexual lady, with the long straight nut brown hair and hazel eyes, tells us that her life in a conservative small town in North Caroline was pretty boring before she discovered the addictive thrills of being a porn star.

She has come a long way from her life as a waitress at Chili’s and a salesperson at Carmax eight years ago, but admits that she used her sexuality to get bigger sales and tips at both jobs. When she worked selling cars at Carmax, her favorite line was, “How would you like to take this car for a test drive?”, but we bet all of the guys she asked this of were thinking, “I’d like to take you for a test drive.” And who could blame them for thinking like that once these eager buyers got a load of her sleek, toned body with it’s perfect bust and legs and her brilliant, friendly smile. Each time she managed to get a guy in the car, using her flirty, sexy voice that just oozes with Southern Charm to lure them inside, she would get a healthy bonus from her boss. Despite her success at selling shiny cars, Maddy describes herself, as a secret sex addict in conservative community that she just knew was never going to let her blossom emotionally and sexually. She left small town life so that she could become her true bisexual self.

After losing her virginity at the age of 14, she tells us that she became an “undercover slut”, doing it secretly with many men, but it wasn’t until she reached the ripe old age of 21 that realized that she was also attracted to women. This mind-blowing revelation came to her as she was doing one of her first lesbian sex scenes on camera! Maddy’s decision to be a porn star was all above board with her parents, who were a bit shocked that she wanted to leave town and make a career of being an adult film star, as she is not that kind of person who keeps secrets from the people that she loves. She got the idea to become an erotic actress when she was watching porn one night and clicked a link at the bottom of the screen that was announcing a casting call for performers. Within three days of her application, she found herself shooting her first porn scenes in Miami. The adult filmmakers were so pleased with her performance that they flew her out to California to shoot some more hot scenes. Once she was there, making tons of money and also many new like-minded new friends, she never looked back. Maddy credits her success as an adult film star to the fact that she is a natural exhibitionist. The fact that the eyes of the cast and crew are on her while the camera is rolling really turns her on and fuels her desire to be a great performer. However, in real life she is quite shy, so her sometimes improvised scenes in films such as Bombshells and Young & Glamorous often shocks her male co-stars, who are blindsided by her requests to be hit and choked, her brazen sexual aggressiveness and submissive moans.

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Now almost a decade into her career, Maddy describes herself as a people-pleaser in bed, who would do almost anything to give a man pleasure. She also told us that she delights in pushing her body and imagination as far as it will go and that she likes doing the really insane, crazy stuff that often shocks the cast and crew and gives them something to talk about later. She loves working with men so much that she could not pick a favorite, even though she has worked with male porn superstars such as Steve Holmes, but it comes to girls, she has her go-to partners including Kristen Price, Sovereign and Riley.

However, she particularly enjoys doing threesome scenes, like the one she did with Riley and Rocco in Evil angel. Although the lovemaking she does in some scenes looks quite wild and savage, Maddy admits that there are some costars that don’t like everything that she does. If another performer sets a boundary, she respects it, however she always regrets being told that she can’t suck a woman’s toes as she has an almost compulsive foot fetish! As many of her fans know, Maddy’s libido onscreen is almost unstoppable and she confesses that she has no problem having multiple orgasms on screen and that nothing daunts her, including having sex with much older men. She also does not mind having sex with men in uncomfortable places. She laughed when she told us that once she had sex on woodsaw table once and got a sliver in an inconvenient place Maddie could only think of one situation in all of her years as a porn star, where she did not have any chemistry at all with a fellow performer.

She also told us how much she loves it when a man cums all over her face or in her mouth as is exemplified by her superbly adept performance in Massive Facials during her encounter with male adult star Mason. Her second most favorite fetish is the bukkake, as she enjoys the feeling of being used by many men at once. When she is not performing, Maddie confides that her favorite thing to do is masturbate alone, sometimes with a showerhead or a Hitachi wand and that it is not unusual for her to do this three to five times a day. However, she is not necessarily turned on by watching the trailers for her own sex videos, except for the ones where she is in the center of a jerk-off circle. Despite being a pronounced submissive, the only thing that makes her a little squeamish on set is anal sex. In her film career, her favorite fantasy would be to have all of her favorite porn stars from the internet sex world tie her up in a chair and do anything that they wanted to her.

She also told us that when it comes to being dominated that it does not matter to her whether the person is male or female and that she finds being dominated by either to be really hot. Finally, Maddie claims that people get the life of porn stars all wrong and that they do not live crazy, lives full of lust-filled orgies that go on until four in the morning and that in fact, her main focus in her daily life is baking and thinking about directing her own adult films one day. Instead of being a big partier, she enjoys being single, chilling with good friends and pretending to be the girl-next-door when she goes to the health food store. If she did settle down with a guy one day, she also says that being a porn star has not ruined her appetite for ordinary sex with ordinary men and all that she really looks for in a guy that she wants to mate with off-camera is a great sense of humor.