Cassie Laine Biography

Sizzling and sultry Cassie Laine is a petite auburn-haired hottie with cute round 32B Cup tits and a great ass. She is over twenty, but she is so tiny and nicely moldedeverywhere that she could pass for a genuine nubile. She has big brown eyes andeyebrows with an arch to them that make her look a bit like a wicked queen andsometimes, when he is in a sultry mood, she appears in her videos with her longwavy hair a little darker.

A true child of the City of Angels, Cassie went to school tobe a make-up artist before devoting her life to being a full time adult sex star, andthis might explain why her face looks so sculpted and perfect on film. Since then shehas gone on to be nominated for all kinds of AVN Awards including Best Girl/GirlSex Scene and All-Girl Performer of the Year, playing major roles for all kinds ofpornographers who create material for adult sites.Cassie began her career as a self-employed web-cam performer, specializing in solomasturbation and lesbian sense. She was so good at pivoting her hips for thecamera, that she earned the nickname of Twisty.

This led to her presenting a well-received feature on her highly popular web-cam site called “Twisty’s Treat of theMonth”, which would feature a session of oral sex between herself and another sexyadult star. Often these interviews would start out sanely enough, like a real bit ofjournalism and then end up in a glorious mess of really passionate oral sex. A goodexample was her interview with busty blonde Spencer Scott who could not keep hercurious hands off of her cute little nearly-nubile interviewer. Spencer shut theinterview down by kissing Cassie and then removing her bra and letting the camerago dark, leaving hundreds of curious Cassie fans to wonder what possibly could betaking place next.In terms of her sexual preferences she is as interested in women as she is men.

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  • Her favorite position, when she is having sex with a guy is the doggie style. A much olderguy who wears a suit and a lot of cologne turns her on the most. She also likes a manwho does a good job of pretending to be a lesbian and who is adept at finger fuckingand using his tongue to tantalize her nipples and massage her clit. She prides herselfon being able to understand men, especially older men, and if she had to besomething else in this life, rather than a porn star, she figures that she would like tobe a psychologist.

    However, she also jokes that she could use her experience as aqualified esthetician to create a spa that finishes every beauty session with a happyending. This is typical of her sense of humor, and delightful giggle, which charms hermany fans when she is onscreen.When it comes to women, Cassie loves to give more than she takes, helping thewoman reach orgasm. She likes to chat with women and get to know them a bitmore before making love as it is the personal connection that creates lesbian sexualchemistry. It is the sound of the woman cumming that turns her on the most and shethinks that if she was to win an award for anything in the film industry it would befor eating pussy. She is also a big fan of the painter Georgia O’ Keefe, the artist that is famous for paintings of flowers that look like giant blooming cunts. In fact, replicasof these flower paintings can be seen on the walls of her sets in her lesbian web camspecials. In fact, she worships the vagina and recalls her first few webcamexperiences with a young blonde nubile as being mind-blowing because she did notrealize how much she enjoyed eating out another woman and also being eaten out.
    Cassie’s biggest sexual turn-ons include having her bones jumped spontaneouslywhen she least expects it. She also prefers someone who likes to cuddle and pet hersmooth alabaster skin all over.

    If she wants to cum in the next few minutes, she justcloses herself off to the world and imagines the faces of her favorite female lovers asthey are orgasming and it happens in about two minutes.She is also a big fan of watching porn and is addicted to watching footage of both girlon girl and girl with boy cumming. One scene that really turned her on was of ayounger woman giving an older man a blowjob, while he was quite rough with her,smearing her lipstick and messing up her hair. When she is watching porn shesometimes likes to get on top of her huge massager, designed with rotating balls tomassage back muscles, and sit on top of it as if it was a Sybian, to make herself cumand “go higher, higher and higher” as she orgasms.Although she has sophisticated sexual tastes for such a young woman she alsomentions a few things that turn her off.

    For instance she doesn’t like men who aretoo pushy and crude, like the guy who approached her in a Frederick’s of Hollywoodshop recently and complimented her, and then got mad when she wouldn’t tell himhow good looking he was in return. She also doesn’t like it when a guy sends her aselfie after she has already told him she is not interested in him.Cassie’s favorite thing is to go the beach and listen to the romantic and melancholyballads of Lana Del Ray. She is a pure tender soul who likes to imagine making loveunder a waterfall or fucking a guy naked, while he never takes off his expensivethree-piece suit. She is also a bit of an exhibitionist, having enjoyed having sex inthe back of an IHop, but also in the aisles of a Toys “R” Us store. This sex-in-a-toy-store confession by Cassie, in itself, would be a wild fantasy for many of her fans,because of her petite size and perfect body and facial features, making her seem likea living sex doll. In fact, she also likes to joke around that sometimes she feels like “Barbie cum to life!”

    AKA: Cassie, Cassie Laine, Cassie Lane

    • Born: 23-10-1992
    • Birthplace: United States of America
    • First Seen: 2012
    • Last Seen: 2018
    • Measurements: 32-23-34 / ~81-58-86
    • Height: 157 cm, 5 ft 2 in
    • Piercings: no
    • Hair Colour: Brown
    • Breasts: Medium (Real)